Rob-L custom - Nike Air Max Light "Speckled-Jade"

Picked these up a while back with the intention of doing a midsole repaint on them to try it for myself...

Here's the base shoe:
And here's what I used to paint the midsoles:
A mix of Angelus leather paint with approx 3% Angelus Duller added, then approx 15-20% Fabric Medium, and approx 15-20% Permanent Masking Medium.

The permanent masking medium is some sort of latex solution which is designed to be painted with, so it mixes into the paint well. Took a while to dry and stop being sticky, but it seems pretty solid and flexible. A wear-test is the only real way to know, but it feels pretty well adhered to the midsole.

I then masked them up and speckled them with various spray paints...
One thing - when I was initially stripping the paint off the midsole with acetone, I got a bit on the air bubble and it 'fogged' the plastic. Once this has happened it's basically impossible to get rid of, but I did find that a little WD-40 applied with a cotton bud 'wetted' it and made it less fogged looking... Watch out for that if you're working near an air bubble - I'd suggest masking it first to protect it.

Text by: RobL


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