"It doesn't happen very often, however we do have to deal with people trying to sell "fake" trainers on etcstore. Fake trainers are often very easy to spot, however there are factories out there producing trainers that are getting closer to passing as the real thing so we wanted to show some details of what to look out for.

The photos to the left show two pairs of the Nike Air Max 1 "2009 Quickstrike (QS)" release. One pair is fake, the other is the real version from our personal collection.

The obvious things to look out for in the photos are:

- The box label
- Size of the box (too small, they will just produce one box for all sizes)
- The tongue is too short- pictures don't really show this but it sits wrong when they are on
- Underside of insole (fake pair = plain, real pair = Nike branding)
- General quality

The majority of people reading this will know all about these points, however the issue we would like to highlight is the difficulty in distinguishing between the "fake" and the "real" pairs due to the increasing poor quality of some Nike releases. If you purely look at the shape of the two shoes side by side, it could be argued that the shape of the "fake" shoe is better, and closer to the original OG Air Max 1. You could argue the same about the colour, with the "fake" pair showing a closer colour match than the bright, slightly orangey colour of the real pair.
We are not saying these points are correct, but the shape of the "real" pair is so bad that this could be argued! Obviously when the shoes are side by side you can identify the better quality in the real pair (mesh, tongue label, stitching), however when purely looking at the real pair, the quality is pretty poor, increasing the ease in which these factories can get close to reproducing a passable "fake".

A pretty reliable way in which to spot a "fake" Nike trainer has always been in the quality of the Nike insoles, with real pairs having Nike branding on the underside- anyone who has bought a pair of the recent Huarache releases from Footlocker should have a look inside!"


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